Born in 1989, France
CEO | Co-founder | Marketing Manager — MeetnMake (HRtech), 2015-2018
International Trainer — Cartier (Luxury), 2014-2015
Events & Communications Manager — MA Film Festival (Arts), 2013-2014


Name Hanane
Surname Bey
Marital status Single
Birthday 14/10/1989
Nationality French
Languages spoken French (native)
English (C2)
Arabic (B2)
Italian (B1)
Chinese (A2)
Korean (A1)


Address 4 rue Georges Jehenne
Ivry-Sur-Seine 94200
Mobile +33 671 326 301
E-mail hanane.bey@live.fr

« I loved mentoring Hanane. Her ability to take into account whatever input she receives and makes it her own"

Yahir MIMOUN - Organizational & Leadership Coach

« I find Hanane to be very dedicated... and she really oozes Human Resources »

Fouad EZZINE – Head of Finance, Ernst Young Luxembourg


  • 90%
  • Ability to promote a company’s mission, services and/or products ;
  • Ability to find the appropriate methods to communicate to and with the public ;
  • Skills in written, verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • #Media_Pitch #NVC #Social_Network

Project Management

  • 85%
  • Ability to manage a team of people ;
  • Skill in both intra and intercommunication ;
  • Competence in planning but also in managing change.
  • #Team-building #Slack #Gantt

Team Leadership

  • 80%
  • Ability to develop leadership training and to empower collaborators ;
  • Skills to make sure of the consistency and high quality of the team's deliverables ;
  • Ability ot lead and inspire individuals and gather around a vision.
  • #Empowerment #Testing #Lean

Growth Strategy

  • 75%
  • Ability to set up, initiate and followup a strategy ;
  • Promote strategic thinking to ensure success ;
  • Empower team members to align themselves to the overall strategy.
  • #Design Thinking #Agility #Ikigai

Business Development

  • 75%
  • Ability to identify business opportunitiesregarding the target and the location ;
  • Competences in powerpoint and in presenting solutions and services that meet or predict clients’ future needs ;
  • Negociation and closing business deals skills.
  • #Powerpoint #Pitch #CRM #SWOT

CEO & Co-founder
at MeetnMake

29.12.2016 — now

Mission :

Creation from scratch of an HR startup, MeetnMake, which enables talents to find the right work environement by connecting them to corporate cultures thanks to a matchmaking algorithm.

Business Development :

  • Defined and launched a talent acquisition strategy (for fresh graduates and experiences executives)
  • Defined a long-term organizational strategic goal and built key customer and partner relationships (with Consulting and Communication firms, schools, employment agencies, companies and associations)
  • Developed solutions and services, on a national and international scale, that meet or predict the clients’ future needs

Marketing :

  • Came up with new campaigns, pitched ideas to clients and partners and made visual presentations
  • Made research-based analysis to determine what the audience needs and how to communicate with them
  • Conducted surveys, interviews and applied the focus group metholodogy

Consulting & Audit:

  • Consulted for over 40 companies in different fields (luxury goods, automotive industry, digital, IT, audit) on Human Resources issues.
  • Helped our client complanies find the right talents acording to their needs
  • Defined a corporate culture and an environmental diagnosis for the client-companies

Company & HR Management :

  • Defined and implemented a vision, missions and values of our company's culture
  • Raised $250 000, hired and managed 15 people.
  • Created and provided workshops for team members on change management, stress and conflict management.

Metrics :

  • 10 competitions won
  • Raised $250 000 in bootstrap and reached 14 clients from SMEs to international corporations
  • 8700 talents and 350 companies subscribed from 7 countries
  • 7 european medias covered (8 articles written and 2 national TV appearances)

Trainer & Content builder
at MeetnMake Training

10.01.2018 — now

Mission :

Offer specific training to our community of talents in order to know more about themselves, find the right environment for their growth and evolve more each day.

Training Content Creation:

  • Detected specific training needs and designed custom formats of training (webinar, video, audio, workshops)
  • Prepared, scheduled, and delivered training programs
  • Coached and empowered the participants throughout the trainings
  • Increased the training offer by diversifying the subjects tackled and the targets after feedbacks from the participants

Metrics :

  • 10 trainings delivered
  • 130 people trained in French and English
Mnm training logo2

International trainer
at Richemont

29.12.2013 — 29.12.2015

Mission :

Establish a new method and provide training to learners from a luxury corporation with various brands and in different countries.


  • Provided pedagogical & technical tranings
  • Produced user statistics of trainees for clients
  • Created and updated the training and support material for communication use
  • Design and implemented functional tests and reports

Key Accounts management:

  • Managed clients accounts: Cartier, Montblanc, Lancel, Piaget, Vancleef & Arpels etc.
  • Followed up with the clients' needs and presented the communication solution to the different teams

Metrics :

  • 15 clients involved
  • 340 hours of training delivered

Events & Communications Manager
at MA Film Festival

29.12.2013 — 29.12.2015


Put together a cinema festival which offers an alternative to today’s cinematic trend and which incites more artistic independent creations

Marketing Strategy :

  • Set specific marketing goals and set out thorough research market to identify new opportunities
  • Designed and implemented the marketing strategy aligned with the business targets
  • Developed digital campaigns to increase web traffic for the films
  • Thought of innovative ideas to promote the festival and its services
  • Ensured brand consistency of the festival through all marketing channels (BTL, ATL)
  • Used customers feedback to ensure client satisfaction

Event organization:

  • Organized a cinema festival with more than 4000 participants
  • Created from scratch an artistic program
  • Forecasted, allocated, controlled and monitored the budget
  • Set up sponsorships and partnerships with companies and medias within the film industry

VIP Management:

  • Invited filmmakers from the whole world, developed and promoted in 7 countries
  • Put in place local and international communication strategy and advertisement

Public Relations:

  • Set up of a digital communication and of an editorial policy and application in communication support
  • Initiated contact with medias, followed up with articles and interviews and obtained media coverage in the press on TV and online

Team Management:

  • Divided the organization of the festival in teams and hubs
  • Used and implemented tools for better communication between the members
  • Managed the Communication and Public Relations hub, and conflicts within the teams


  • 4000 participants/audience each year
  • 25 people in charge of hubs, and above 100 volunteers
  • $150 000 in budget
  • $50 000€ of reward allocation
  • 5 millions views on the competing films

Viva Technology
Love stories in recruitment


Attendees : 100,000 people, type of audience : startups, business leaders, investors, academics, students

ESSEC Business School
Inspirational talks about being an entrepreneur


Attendees : 3000 people, type of audience : young students

How to find your vision and work towards it


Attendees : 30 people, type of audience : young entrepreneurs and Google intrapreneurs-to-be

Global Entrepreneurship Week Algeria
Female entrepreneurship

29.12.2013 — 29.12.2015

Attendees : 50,000 people, type of audience : organizations, students, teachers, entrepreneurs and the government.

HEC Business School
How to find the right associates and build the right team


Attendees : 300 people, type of audience : female entrepreneurs and experts

Real Estate Innovation Club
Hiring the right talents : discovery of new tools


Attendees : 30 people, type of audience : HR Director and managers from big corporations in Real Estate & Construction.

Dauphine University
Recruitement for new generations

29.12.2013 — 29.12.2015

Attendees : 60 people, type of audience : HR Directors of big companies and students in HR Majors.

AMGE Belgium
Successful entrepreneur stories

29.12.2013 — 29.12.2015

Attendees : 100 people, type of audience : European entrepreneurs and people interested in entrepreneurship

My knowledge

Startup Leadership Program

01.09.2017 — 31/06/2018

The Startup Leadership Program is a selective world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders, and innovators who want to become top startup CEOs. SLP Fellows become members for life and take part in an international network of inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

Areas covered :
  • Vision and leadership
  • Communication, marketing and media training
  • Financial culture
  • Public speaking

Université Nancy 2

01.09.2008 — 29.07.2012

  1. Major in Foreign Languages applied to Business(English, Italian, Chinese).
  2. Major in English (Translation and Litterature).

IUT Hubert Curien

01.09.2006 — 29.06.2008

Trade and Marketing techniques.

Plus 2 month Internship in Shanghai, China.


2013 — 2018

Leadership & Entrepreneurship :

  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Certificate at HEC Business School, 2016

Communication :

  • Communication CARE (Non-Violent Communication) by Florence CHEVALIER, 2015

Language and Training :

  • CAPfeli : English Trainer Certification, 2013
  • TOEIC : 898/990
  • TOEFL : 105/120

What I believe in

Authenticity, always

I am convinced that it is in knowing who we really are, that we can therefore evolve. And that cannot happen if we are not true to ourselves, and know of our own strengths as well as our shortcomings. Then, hardwork, dedication, and avction will make us take a step forward and will take us anywhere. But looking at oneself in the mirror is the starting point of it all.

Ever learning

I believe learning is also one of the only ways to evolve and become a better person each day. I try to find every opportunity to learn, and believe they are everywhere, and in everyone. I love learning about new cultures or countries, including new languages and lifestyles. It is only in opening myself up to the world that I can improve and become a new version.

Open-mindedness is the key

Having mentioned authenticity and the will to learn, we must always remember that we are not self-sufficient and consequently need others to grow. Teamwork is essential and can only be achieved if we deeply believe that we are a part of a group, and that whatever group it is, we all play an important role.

My hobbies


  • Finalist and winner of the AKB Female Entrepreneur Deloitte competition
  • Finalist and winner of the Startups RMSconf challenge
  • Finalist of the Startup pitch of Plug&Start Competition
  • Finalist of the Startup Corner at the G20
  • Winner of 'Osez Entreprendre.


  • Arts : drawing, singing
  • Sports : soccer, volley ball, running, biking
  • Games : paintball, lasergame, darts, board games, escape games,
  • Cinema : Asian movies, action and adventure movies, superheroes

Media coverage